Weekly Job Search Tip – Put More Effort Into Your Search

Our job tip this week is about the changing landscape today’s job search. Not too long ago an hour or two spent looking at one of the big online job search sites would probably yield several matching openings. Unfortunately, for 보도 구인구직 most of us, those days are past. With a struggling economy and an uncertain economic future, employers are wary about hiring. Today’s job seekers need to put more time and effort to find their next job.

So job searches are tougher – but not impossible. Thousands of people get interviews and get hired every day. Additional work, organization, and drive can put you in the same place. Let’s face it – a quality job search should take some effort!

One of the first things you can do is to broaden your searching. Don’t just check Monster or Careerbuilder every morning – look farther. There are many (many) online websites that exist to help you find a job. Most of them are available for free – you just need to find and use them. Include any major and regional newspapers in your search. Newspapers today often have online search capabilities like many of the big job boards. and may have local information like job fairs and career counseling.

Social Networking sites can be a huge advantage in a job search. Letting folks you know (or used to know) that you’re looking is a great step in getting the word out. There are also sites like LinkedIn that can help you reconnect with past co-workers or bosses who know exactly the type or work you like and that you’re good at. These are often the connections that can help land that next job.

Many times just having a routine to go through can help organize and broaden your search. Build up your search websites and contacts and keep revisiting them over and over again. A daily routine can also help keep you spirits up because there’s work that you have planned to do each day and every day to find a job, rather than having no plan and a random search. Don’t get discouraged if many times the answer is ‘No’, it only needs to be;Yes’ once.

The main positive impact of a quality, comprehensive search is that you’ll learn what types of jobs are available and likely see a greater variety of opening and employers.

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