How to Buy Old Casino Poker Chips Made of Clay

If you enjoy the look and feel of old casino poker chips, you should consider investing in those that are made of clay. In this how-to guide, I will provide a few pointers on what you should look for and consider when making this type of purchase. In today’s market of poker accessories, both new and used, it is easy to get a bit lost in the “mix” of things. You can find many different individual chips, poker sets, and other varieties of clay casino poker chips. However, depending on your needs and wants, not all that is available may be right for you!

The first thing that you want to stakecasino consider is if you will be using the chips in games for leisure, high stake games at casino, or simply to collect. If you know how you will use the chips, it will be easy to determine what type of chips may be right for your needs. If you play at home, for example, durability and artistically appealing chips may not be as important to you then if you were to play in a high stakes casino.

It is important to consider the inlay of the old casino poker chips that you have your eye on. You want to ensure that this is not damaged and cannot be damaged with ease. This is a type of label or even a type of sticker that is placed on most poker chips. You want to opt for high quality inlays that cannot be easily damaged – despite the fact that the set that you have your eye on may be a bit aged. It is also important to ensure that the inlay is completely symmetrical and does not appear as if it has been manipulated in any way.

The next thing that you want to pay special attention to when considering the purchase of old casino poker chips is whether or not the chip, or set of chips are stamped. The denomination and any type of branding that is associated with a particular poker chip or casino poker chip set is considered to be the “stamp”. You will want to ensure that this stamp is not faded, not worn, and does not come off the chip easily. If it does, it may make the chip completely worthless altogether.

The next thing that you want to pay attention to when it comes to old casino poker chips is the texture of the face of the chips that you are considering. Is the face in condition? Are the chips easy to handle? If you find that the faces of these chips are easy to handle and that they stack well and look good, then it is likely that these make awesome choices when it comes to your next poker chip purchase.

Last, but not least, be certain to pay close attention to the edges of the poker chips that you are considering. It is important and absolutely essential to ensure that the edges are in good condition and that they are not marked in any way. Now, there are some collector’s out there that are likely to focus on chip edges that are marked – this is especially true if they specialize in decommissioned poker chips from casinos.

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