A Helpful Guide To Australian Visa Migration

RMAs help in selecting the right type of visa and the application process.

All migration agents in Australia must act professionally, possess expertise in Australian migration law, conduct operations in a Immigration agent Perth timely fashion, keep clients updated about the status of their visa application, keep up the confidentiality of the information and adhere to the code of conduct of RMAs.

Assistance for migration includes:

  • Advice about visa issues and the visa application.
  • Help with preparing documents such as the visa application.
  • Representing or preparing clients for proceedings before a legal authority for visa issues.

So, what are the benefits of reaching out to an Australian migration agent? There are some tangible advantages for doing this, some of which are as follows:

  • Knowledge of Australian migration law

Registered Migration Agents are very familiar with visa processes, the Australian Migration Act and Migration Regulations. They understand complexities that are not easily accessible by the general public. The agents can easily explain these details to their clients to ensure one follows certain rules and laws.

  • Updated information

Australian visa migration agents provide new and updated information that may not even be available on the website for the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). It is mandatory for visa applicants to know all the current policies and visa requirements. Using old procedures or non-compliance with new ones can end up in delayed or refused visa applications.

  • Rare chances of appeal

The AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) provides rare opportunities to those who desire to appeal for their visas. Hence it is vital to take the help of a Registered Migration Agent who is familiar with the process of visa appeal.

  • Stress-free and hassle-free

By obtaining the services of a Registered Migration Agent, there is no guarantee that one’s visa will be granted. But it will ensure that a decision-ready application is lodged to the Department of Home Affairs. This will reduce the anxiety and stress clients have to endure throughout the entire process.

Tips for selecting a Registered Migration Agent

  • Choose one with experience

It is good to select a Registered Migration Agent with experience as they will know what exactly must be submitted in a visa application. This is better than hiring someone who has just graduated and is new in the business.

  • Seek customer feedback

Read through web testimonials and Google reviews to find out what past clients have to say about the services of the Australian migration agency they have dealt with.

  • Seek a Registered Migration Agent

It is compulsory and desirable that the migration agent be registered with the OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority). This ensures that the agent is held accountable if one is subject to fraud.

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